Ebonite Traditional II Model for Tenor Saxophone



  • Traditional II model has long rollover baffle which is higher than traditional model.
  • The brighter sound and more versatility.
  • Round inner side walls and large round chamber. It makes alive and fat modern sound.
  • All mouthpieces are crafted by CNC machinery for incredible accuracy and finished by hand carefully.
  • Concave table. It makes the tone full and rich. The practical life span of reeds is lengthened.
  • Material is the highest quality ebonite (hard rubber).

Price:52,800 (JPY)

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Tip Opening

You Can Choose 6 Tip Opening Sizes

Tip Number millimeter inch
04 2.20 0.087
05 2.35 0.093
06 2.50 0.098
07 2.65 0.104
08 2.80 0.110
09 2.95 0.116


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