Facing Curve

The Importance Of The Facing Curve

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe facing curve is the most difficult part of the saxophone mouthpieces to make .

At each single vibration, the reed closes the tip opening completely (I found a great movie on YouTube.), so the rails must be symmetrical and smooth. If the rails have any flat part or roughness, it makes the tone dull and makes the saxophone uncontrollable.

The proportion of the facing curve is also important. Some mouthpiece makers and refacers insist that the perfect arc or the ellipse is the best shape for the facing curve; however, I don’t agree with their opinion.

I think that a good facing curve is more complicated. Through many experiments, I succeeded to find the best formula for facing curves. With Okutsu Mouthpieces, you can produce rich and full tone effortlessly with any kind of inner design of the mouthpieces.